I am triumphant in the aftermath of Friday night as my theory has been proved that there is an audience for Mothers’ Ruin.  I can’t use the word triumph to describe the whole event, since the bar only broke even, but if all parties are willing and we do more of these, I think numbers will grow and grow.  I for one am really excited about watching this happen.

It was funny how the original concept of the night out for mothers really worked.  I had been warned not to be ‘exclusive’, since the Bold Vision organisation who run the café have a policy not to exclude any member of the community – but try finding any activity or event which is going to appeal to or include everyone in the area.  And also try thinking of a snappy title for the evening if you don’t use something like Mothers’…

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South East Londoner, born & bred & still here. Over 40 and trying hard not to look it. It's all about the music and the film and arts and culture. Plus photos, photos are great. Married and with 2 fantastic children and 3 naughty cats. Love music Love photography Love film Love theatre Love putting on discos and films

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