After the cliffhanger of the last post, I expect you have been spinning wild plots in your head about who the Special Guest DJ was going to be at Sisters’ Ruin – a spin off of the very excellent Mothers’ Ruin which will take place soon in a pub that’s local if you live near to New Cross.  As promised, the clue was in the name.  I am now proud to announce that  it’s gonna be a FAMILY Affair upstairs at the Telegraph on the night in question when I will be joined by my fabulous step sister Lisa Louder for a fun night of pub dancing (that’ll be you) and good music (that’ll be us).

But what sort of music do you think we’ll play?  Will we re-live our first live gig that we saw together and play Running in the FAMILY by Level 42?

Do you think we will dust off our former crooning hero George Michael (or was that only me?) and put on FATHER Figure?

Will we indulge in our shared passion for Prince with a bit of Sexy MOTHER Fucker?

Will we try to Look each other In the Eye (STEP) SISTER and go all Groove Armada about the place?

Or will we just have a feel good disco, and dance about in a SISTER Sledge type of way singing along to We are FAMILY?

There is only one way to find out.
Believe me, we are just as excited to find out!
There will be a flyer out soon with all sorts of juicy FAMILY gossip on it.
Until then, mark the date in BLOOD into your calendars, and don’t forget to ask your sibling O BROTHER where art thou? on the evening of 17th November.  I am definitely asking my BROTHER anyway.

SISTERS’ RUIN Upstairs at the Telegraph (at the Earl of Derby) New Cross SE14 Saturday 17th November 8 till late

!!Free Entry!!

Be there or you’d better have a brilliant excuse.


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South East Londoner, born & bred & still here. Over 40 and trying hard not to look it. It's all about the music and the film and arts and culture. Plus photos, photos are great. Married and with 2 fantastic children and 3 naughty cats. Love music Love photography Love film Love theatre Love putting on discos and films

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