It’s a dark November evening and unless you are on the eve of scooping the eye-popping Euromillions rollover* you might, like the rest of us, need something fun to cheer you up this weekend.

As Dennis Edwards would say, Don’t Look Any Further.

As well as the guaranteed good music, we have a few surprises in store for you this time.  So get there early, bring up a beverage of your choice, and prepare to enjoy.

Feel free to take the dance floor, or just a sweetie.

Come dressed to impress, or just borrow a ridiculous mask or beard for the night.  Or indeed bring (or wear) your own!

Just make sure you come.

All welcome.  See you there.

*in which case don’t forget your old pal Mental Floss


About hattydaze

South East Londoner, born & bred & still here. Over 40 and trying hard not to look it. It's all about the music and the film and arts and culture. Plus photos, photos are great. Married and with 2 fantastic children and 3 naughty cats. Love music Love photography Love film Love theatre Love putting on discos and films

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