The venue was the same.

Some of the visitors were the same.

But Sisters’ Ruin was so different from the last Mothers’ Ruin in April.

Even the problem with the floorboards was still the same (in the end we had to do away with vinyl altogether and play everything on ipod, which probably did make for a slightly different musical vibe too).

But the main and best difference was having another dj to play with, especially when the other dj was my brilliant and most fantastic step sister. This gave me the chance to hang out with everyone, have a drink and a dance, use the loo (the finer things in life), and basically enjoy the party. It was also freaky how many tunes we had in common, despite me formerly believing that we probably didn’t really share music taste (apart from Prince, well obviously, and other groups we had seen play live right back in our teenage days – yep, we have been step-related for a long time now).

Did I mention the wigs, masks and general dressing up paraphernalia? I didn’t know how these would go down but go down they did! There were even some males and, it being November, most of them were sporting splendid mozzas which nicely set off their wigs.

Thank you all for coming. I actually got to hang out with you all and enjoyed it so much. Hope you did too, but if you didn’t I don’t mind too much (in the nicest possible way) as I had an excellent time anyway.  Always keen to hear from you either way, so do throw in a comment if you can.

Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog if you want to keep abreast of Mothers’ Ruin and its spin off events in the area. We will hopefully be doing this again. And thank you to the patient staff at the Telegraph. See you next time – love from Mental Floss

and big love and thanks to Lisa Louder xxx


About hattydaze

South East Londoner, born & bred & still here. Over 40 and trying hard not to look it. It's all about the music and the film and arts and culture. Plus photos, photos are great. Married and with 2 fantastic children and 3 naughty cats. Love music Love photography Love film Love theatre Love putting on discos and films

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  1. Lisa Webster says:

    Mental Floss. What lovely words. I would not have thought about spinning tunes again if you had not have suggested it. It was a total blast and I loved every minute of it. You seriously influenced my musical tastes – even though you were younger than me – having Prince and Grace Jones on vinyl (which I think I pinched from your record box), just proved you were into super cool music! It was an absolute pleasure and I cant wait to do it again? Love you, Lisa Louder xxxxxxx

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