Mothers’ Ruin could be the local evening out that you have been waiting for.

Yes, even if you are not a mother.

DJ and mother of 2 Mental Floss conceived Mothers’ Ruin in 2011 as a local night out for mums in the local area where she lives.  Its first event brought together many mums who danced and drank beer to their hearts’ content.  Ever since they have been clamouring for the next date.  The following few months were spent in a feverish search of local pubs, social clubs and bars, waiting to find the right space.

Not one where the sinks in the toilets pour water onto your feet when you turn on the taps.  Not one with an events schedule or wallpaper which hasn’t moved on in 20 years or which does not welcome non-members.  One exactly in the right place, with the right staff and the right feeling.

That search, for now, is over.  Mothers’ Ruin is back.  April 14th, from 8pm until late.  Upstairs at The Telegraph at the Earl of Derby, 87 Dennett’s Rd, London SE14 5LW

Come and join in.  All welcome, mothers, fathers, people in general.  Be prepared for anything, music-wise, as long as it’s played on vinyl.


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